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In favor of companies that will operate in Bulgaria

публикувано на 18-05-2018

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to introduce the activity of NEED Consult Ltd., an Accounting company operating in Sofia City.

NEED Consult Accounting company offers complex accounting services to companies with main office in Sofia City and operating in Bulgaria and abroad, doing all kinds of services and trade as well as production, tourism, construction, agriculture, etc.

Our team of accountants have the competency to service companies with Bulgarian and foreign citizens as owners, or such that the owners are Bulgarian and foreign companies working on the territory of Bulgaria and according to the Bulgarian Trade and Accounting Law.

We have a good reputation with the control institutions such as National Revenue Agency, National Insurance Institute, Labour Inspectorate, ets.

We work in close cooperation with lawyers specialized in Trade, Property, Patent and Criminal Law. We offer company formation with owners from Bulgaria and abroad.

Through this presentation we announce our willingness and competence to do accounting services for companies, which have an intention to implement their activities in Bulgaria.

We will be glad to be useful.

The communication with customers will be carried out in English.

NEED Consult Ltd. is registered at BRRA.bg with ID 200566954

Our address in Sofia, Bulgaria is:

1606 Sofia

18 Ami Bue str., of. 8



Phone: +359 88 825 71 70

Open: Mo to Fri, 9 am to 6 pm EET

You can see our presentation on the next internet address:


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