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Accountant's office NEED Consult

Accounting services.

address: 1606 Sofia, 10 Ami Bue  str. ent. Б fl. 2,  office 35, tel. +359 87 8429068 тел. и факс. +359 2 9808090,

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Design, supply, installation, servicing all types of fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems and equipment.

address: 1326 Sofia, h.c. Obelya 2 bl. 278 ent. 1 fl. 13,  apt. 65, tel. +359 88 8319665, +359 2 9276591

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Geocad - 93

Topographic and geodesic research, development of software, building and support of digital models of towns,laser scanning.

address: 1303 Sofia,96 Otets Paisiy  str., tel. +359 2 8131954, +359 2 9313017

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Infrared heating for home, office and industry. We offer a select range of high quality products from certified manufacturers of the market. We follow a strict procedure to perform our services to best serve our customers. Our services include: Advising clients Finding the perfect solution for all necessary installation and maintenance Answers to all questions and all service needs after the sales period.

address: 1505 Sofia, h.c. Suha reka ,20 Todorini kukli  str. fl. 2, Trade center TaBi, tel. +359 88 7643128, +359 87 7525377

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Dr Nikolai Georgiev

Medical centre for plastic surgery.

address: 1619 Sofia, r.a. Knyazhevo ,315 Tsar Boris III  blvd., tel. +359 2 9571108

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Provide Bulgarian transport companies with DKV cards.

address: 1202 Sofia,8 Kavala  str., tel. +359 88 8638566 тел. и факс. +359 2 9311741, +359 2 8313128,

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