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T and S Trading Bulgaria

Offers high-quality envelopes, all kinds of corporate forms with and without the customer's design, specialized forms and all types of documents tailored to the needs and requirements of customers. We produce a full range of promotional printed materials. An essential part of our business is trading packages. The wide range of products allows us to be the preferred partner of many big companies, cartons and trays for cakes in Bulgaria.

address: 1715 Sofia, h.c. Mladost 4 ,87 Aleksandar Malinov  blvd., tel. +359 2 9740881, +359 2 9756132 тел. и факс. +359 2 9756549,

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Buro Radetsky

Varied routes in the most beautiful places of our mountains.

address: 1504 Sofia,25 Tsar Osvoboditel  blvd., tel. +359 2 9443680 тел. и факс. +359 2 9433541,

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Complete Internet advertisement. Web design, web development, domain name registrations and support, hosting services.

address: 1606 Sofia,10 Ami Bue  str. ent. Б fl. 2,  office 35, tel. +359 2 9807091, +359 2 9807023, +359 88 7783026, +359 2 9808090 тел. и факс. +359 2 9802100,

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Infrared heating for home, office and industry. We offer a select range of high quality products from certified manufacturers of the market. We follow a strict procedure to perform our services to best serve our customers. Our services include: Advising clients Finding the perfect solution for all necessary installation and maintenance Answers to all questions and all service needs after the sales period.

address: 1505 Sofia, h.c. Suha reka ,20 Todorini kukli  str. fl. 2, Trade center TaBi, tel. +359 88 7643128, +359 87 7525377

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Advance International Transport

Internal and international transport and forwarding.

address: 1700 Sofia,24 Simeonovsko shose  blvd., tel. +359 2 4005100, +359 88 4694172

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Prevodachi Eu

Translations from English, French, German. Legalization.

address: 1142 Sofia,25 Vasil Levski  blvd. fl. 1, tel. +359 2 9808990 факс. +359 2 9808990

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