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ABA - 58

Offers full subscriptional accounting services.

address: 1712 Sofia, h.c. Mladost 3 bl. 325 ent. 3 , studio 3 - next to the entrance,  тел. и факс. +359 2 9755022,

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Bilka Lifestyle

Development, production, trade in natural cosmetic products.

address: 1616 Sofia,14 Botko Voyvoda  str., tel. +359 2 9713887 факс. +359 2 9713902

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T and S Trading Bulgaria

Offers high-quality envelopes, all kinds of corporate forms with and without the customer's design, specialized forms and all types of documents tailored to the needs and requirements of customers. We produce a full range of promotional printed materials. An essential part of our business is trading packages. The wide range of products allows us to be the preferred partner of many big companies, cartons and trays for cakes in Bulgaria.

address: 1715 Sofia, h.c. Mladost 4 ,87 Aleksandar Malinov  blvd., tel. +359 2 9740881, +359 2 9756132 тел. и факс. +359 2 9756549,

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Provide Bulgarian transport companies with DKV cards.

address: 1202 Sofia,8 Kavala  str., tel. +359 88 8638566 тел. и факс. +359 2 9311741, +359 2 8313128,

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Damyanov Law Firm - Independent Solicitors

Professional legal services for property purchase in Bulgaria, companies, preliminary contracts, notary deed, representation.

address: 4000 Plovdiv,63 Rayko Daskalov  str. fl. 1,  office 1, tel. +359 87 8473745

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Kristina Bobeva - Teneva

The firm performe legal advice and analysis in the field of property, commercial, tax, civil and family law.

address: 1000 Sofia,6 Karnigradska  str. fl. 3, tel. +359 88 8695234, +359 2 9813288

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