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Please familiarize yourself with these terms, for accessing, browsing, registration, use in any way of the website and / or its services, you acknowledge that you are familiar with and agree unconditionally to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree with the terms or individual provisions, please do not use this website.

  • Validity and action
    • 1. This document regulates the relations between users that download, view or use the website ("Users") and "Need BG", with UIC 131172981, with its registered office at: Sofia P.Karavelov, bl.76, ent. A mailing address: 1606 Sofia, Ami Bue № 10 ent. B, 2nd floor, office 35 ("NeedBG") in connection with the services provided, media content and other information resources ("Services") in Bulgarian Internet Business Catalogue NEED.BG in website, address: ("Website"), Property Need BG.

      "Users" any natural or legal person who examines or uses the services of the website.

      "Company" in these Terms is used in the meaning and significance according to Article 7 of the Trade Act.
    • 2. Terms of Use of the website ("TU") constitute a legal agreement that is binding binding between users and NeedBG as relations between them shall be governed exclusively by these terms, of the Privacy Policy and other rules and regulations established and published by NiidBG website, which are an integral part of these conditions.
    • 3. Any use of this website, the services or resources in any way limited or unlimited means agreed by binding them to this TU, with all the rights, duties and other legal consequences. These TU apply to all services (paid and free) that require or do not require user registration.
    • 4. These TU does not address or govern any matter arising out of or relating to the provision of links to other sites, advertising and third-party software, as these services are carried out by NeedBG.
  • Services - characteristics and types
    • 5. Services provided to users of the Web site are subject to the following: publication of reference information, divided thematically into different categories in the business catalog, advertising, information and other services at the discretion of NeedBG can be updated, supplemented and extended at any time.
      • 5.1. NeedBG provided, and users using services such "as they are announced," according to the conditions and terms set out in our website. Access to services and resources on the website can not be considered or construed in any way as awarding licenses or rights, including copyright and other intellectual property rights. With the adoption of these TU, the User agrees that all rights, title and legal interests (including all copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights) in the field or in connection with the services provided and resources on the website belong to NiidBG or its predecessors.
      • 5.2. NeedBG not mediate service and does not warrant contacting companies in the business catalog in our website.
      • 5.3. Type, contents and conditions of service may be changed at any time by NeedBG without obligation to notify consumers.
      • 5.4. Consumers paid advertising or other paid service who terminate voluntarily or indicate their intention to terminate early use of paid services are not allowed to ask for the return of the sums paid for the services.
    • 6. Free services - free registration of companies in the business catalog entitled to one entry per company and official mail.
      • 6.1. Free registration contains limited information on the company, which is displayed and associated with the company name of the user.
      • 6.2. Free entries are authorized to 7 days or more, depending on natoverenostta operators.
      • 6.3. User has the right to pay off the publication of more than one recording of type free registration.
      • 6.4. Official mail messages sent by NeedBG consumers with information about the status of entries in, prices for services, promotions and innovations in content and services of the Bulgarian Internet Business Catalogue.
    • 7. Paid services.
      • 7.1. Paid registration for advertising company in the business catalog website.
        • 7.1.1. Paid registration website gives the right to paid one or more entries in the catalog business, depending on the plan chosen by the user. Paid entry entitles the user to publish extensive information about the company, including logo, trademark and other distinctive information about the company and / or its products and services.
        • 7.1.2. Paid entry entitles the user to present in a subcategory of his chosen major category in which published information about the company. Publication of paid recording user information in more subcategories within the selected main category is associated with an additional fee.
        • 7.1.3. Place of paid entry in the subcategory is determined by the date of payment, priority is first paid position and its position depends on the number of visits. Place in the subcategory of paid recording with active hyperlink to the website the user is determined by the date of registration, priority has registered and last place does not depend on the number of visits.
        • 7.1.4. Place of paid entry in the subcategory is determined by the date of payment, priority is first paid position and its position depends on the number of visits. Place in the subcategory of paid recording with active hyperlink to the website the user is determined by the date of registration, priority has registered and last place does not depend on the number of visits.
      • 7.2. Paid services with the publication of discount vouchers for customers registered user /company/ system.
        • 7.2.1. Registered users of paid services can publish vouchers with discounts and offers with discounts on goods and services in the selection and payment of the relevant subscription plan.
        • 7.2.2 NeedBG does not accept vouchers, but only provides the opportunity to receive a voucher for a discount on goods and services to companies, users of paid services on the website. Vouchers are paid by those who received them directly through the website of the company that provides the appropriate voucher for discount.
        • 7.2.3. NeedBG does not bear any responsibility for the quality of goods and services vouchers or for customer satisfaction with the received vouchers good or service. Returns on goods and services obtained with discount vouchers posted on the Website by users of paid services should be made solely to the company publish the relevant voucher.
        • 7.2.4. NeedBG reserves the right to suspend the publication of vouchers when receiving signals for repeated violations of the terms of the relevant vouchers or unsatisfied claims by the company issued a voucher, they refer complaints and / or claims.
      • 7.3. Premium services application "".
        • 7.3.1. Publication of tenders in application for excursions and holidays be subject to the payment of monthly or annual subscription. Payment of subscription not guarantees of published offers
        • 7.3.2. Tenders in subject to approval by the operator and are displayed in the order of their publication or the latest revision.
      • 7.4. Paid services in the annex "".
        • Publication of tenders in use car rental be subject to the payment of monthly or annual subscription as the positions of the respective companies and offers depends on the type of subscription payment date and place in the alphabetical order of business.
      • 7.5. All banners are displayed in the website of the rotation as long as they limit set for display.
  • Prices of services
    • 8. Paid services provided for remuneration payable by the consumer, the amount and terms set out in the website or by further agreement between the user and NeedBG on the type, quantity, cost of services, payment methods and terms of service.
  • User registration
    • 9. Full functionality of the website with active access to all services on the website requires user registration carried out successfully under the following sequential steps:
      • The user enters updated accurate data in all required fields in the registration form. Need BG Ltd. will not publish requests for participation in - Bulgarian Internet Business Catalogue, containing non-existent phone numbers, names of companies or any false information whatsoever, whether the published websites to the relevant application contain updated information about the sender of the request.
      • With the completion of all data and click on "Confirm" button, the user declares that he is aware of these GTC and expresses its inalienable and unconditional agreement with all terms and undertakes to respect them.
      • When completing the registration a user is required to provide accurate and current data and to update the data listed in your registration in the event of change.
      • Registered users agree all the information published in their profiles to be shared on the Internet, Facebook and other professional social networks and websites.
      • In disputes concerning rights user account (account) in, Need BG gives priority to these documents and they contain data in the following order: invoice, service contracts, e-mail for initial registration
    • 10. User NeedBG primarily used interface website for electronic submissions in their relations.
  • Rights and obligations of users
    • 11. User undertakes:
      • 11.1. To use the services offered on the website services and resources lawfully under its purpose and in accordance with these TU.
      • 11.2. To fill in the registration form correctly and provide complete and accurate information about yourself / Company / and update data or to promptly notify NeedBG whenever there is a change in the input data. User records which are in Bulgarian and keywords in another language /Latin letters/ will not be published in the English version of the website.
      • 11.3. To access services and resources on the website through technology and resources of the website realized through the normal functionality, and should not use, copy and distribute, in whole or parts of published content on the website for any purpose beyond those specified in the TU.
      • 11.4. Do not distribute, reproduce, copy, create derivative works, or adapted, whole or parts of the website, in any form or by any means, for commercial or non-commercial use content, services, resources or any other information derived in whole or in part from the website.
      • 11.5. Do not disturb or deactivated, partially or in full, full functionality and services on the website, do not overload the traffic and does not generate excessive traffic, do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any part of the Website or the services and resources, or to the relevant computer systems, servers or network supported by NeedBG.
      • 11.6. Do not download, publish, share, redirect, distribute, display, and / or access, user or other content that is illegal, offensive, abusive, libelous, threatening, harmful, obscene in nature or contain obscene, defamatory, vulgar, defamatory, racist, sexual, discriminatory, violent or inciting to violence and terror, or other objectionable words, phrases, appeals, claims and qualifications or that infringes or may infringe copyright and / or other intellectual property right protection privacy, rights of publicity, or other proprietary rights and legitimate interests of users of the website of NiidBG or third parties.
      • 11.7. Do not use charging, published, transmitted, transferred, shared or otherwise make available any unauthorized or unauthorized advertising, promotional, marketing, promotional and other materials that are beyond the scope of services provided on the website and content.
    • 12. Is prohibited on any of the following actions by the user:
      • 12.1. The use of any automated and not automated processes for collecting, storing, archiving or retrieving information about other users of the services of a website or any way to systematically extract information from the databases of the website.
      • 12.2. Circumvention removal, handling of any component of the protection and the measures and technical means to protect the service and the website from unauthorized access, including but not limited to any actions that have the purpose or effect of blocking access to the services and / or website, charging and distribution of illegal content destruction in whole or in part of the services and functionality of the website, theft and loss of data services and resources on the website.
      • 12.3. Preventing or restricting access to other users in any way to the services on the website or any part of its content.
    • 13. The user has the right to:
      • 13.1. Use legitimate website and all services for the purposes and in accordance with these TU.
      • 13.2. To create a user profile according to the requirements of these TU. Registered users receive company business catalog number and password to access, where they can manage the content of your account and records in and specialized applications.
      • 13.3. To receive official mail message from NeedBG and give up at any time in its sole discretion from receiving official mail.
      • 13.4. User can terminate at any time at its discretion and will, use of services and the website and wants deletion / deletion / his profile.
      • 13.5. To receive compensation in cases where the paid subscription website and paid reference / link to Compensation entitles the extension of the period for which paid reference / link for the same time period for which the subscription is paid. NeedBG not allowed a deduction of a reference / link amount of this subscription website.
    • 14. By registering on the website, the user expressly and irrevocably agrees to receive official mail, including advertising and other messages that could be identified as "unsolicited commercial communications" within the meaning of Article 6 of the Law on Electronic Commerce, independent and although registration user in the register of persons who do not wish to receive unsolicited commercial messages to the Commission for the protection of personal data.
    • 15. User bears full responsibility for the truthfulness, accuracy and timeliness of all information and data provided by him; the quality of goods / services presented or advertised on the website and the existence of copyright and other intellectual property rights over any part of its published content on the website or in other external sources to which hyperlinks provided in its profile or advertising.
  • Rights and obligations of NeedBG
    • 16. NeedBG is entitled:
      • 16.1. At any time, in its sole discretion to make changes to the services or the website in connection with maintaining, developing and / or improving the quality of services provided, and to expand the range of services without written notice to users and without liability for this.
      • 16.2. To block the user's access to services and website in whole or in separate parts of breach by TU, Privacy Policy and other agreements and regulations which are an integral part of the TU in: commit, attempts or actual danger to be made ​​by the user or by persons, using his account, illegal acts or actions that are threatening the security and operation of services and / or website, or affected legitimate interests of consumers, NeedBG or its partners, contractors and other persons or must be preserved other significant public interest.
      • 16.3. Users to send official mail date information, advertising, commercial and other messages that will in no way be perceived by consumers as unsolicited commercial communications.
      • 16.4. Send notification via fax or email to users with the written form is met.
      • 16.5. To refuse to publish an invitation or announcement which content deviates from accepted norms or does not correspond to this functionality's subject.
      • 16.6. Any rights not expressly granted in this TU are reserved and belong to NeedBG.
    • 17. In order to improve the quality of services in the course of prophylaxis in troubleshooting, updating and other related activities NiidBG may temporarily restrict or suspend the provision of services for which users will be notified by a notice published on prominently on the website.
    • 18. NeedBG not reimburse consumers paid for services, receipt of which is terminated early and unilaterally by the user, regardless of the term for which they are paid services.
    • 19. NeedBG shall:
      • 19.1. To provide users with their chosen free and paid services under these TU.
      • 19.2. Do not publish or disclose official information on companies in the business catalog, which is declared in their profiles, except with their consent, except in cases where such information is requested by the respective legal procedures by public authorities.
  • Protection of personal data
    • 20. NeedBG take measures to protect consumers' personal data in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection. Consumers give their explicit consent and irrevocably that NiidBG entitled to process personal data, as published in the website Privacy Policy Data, available at
      NeedBG use advertising companies - third parties to serve ads when users visit These companies may use information (not including name, address, email address or telephone number) about users' visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services that may be of interest to them. To get more information about this practice and to know your choices about not to use the data from the respective advertising companies, read: Декларацията за поверителност за рекламната и съдържателната мрежа на Google.
  • Disclaimer
    • 21. NeedBG not responsible for:
      • 21.1. Quality of their service disruptions due to reasons imputable to the ISP or the companies providing online and other services available through this website or by using faulty technical equipment, devices and / or incorrectly configured software by the user or for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages related to the use of software programs installed on a user's computer, including damage which may occur to the consumer was not notified.
      • 21.2. Sustained or further damage caused by inaccurate, false or misleading and / or misleading information from users of the services and the website from information published by the user or other content or information from other sources, as well as damages caused by unwanted electronic exchange (spam).
      • 21.3. cannot control users' interest in the published information.
    • 22. In case the user has doubts about the quality of services and / or website in terms of its content or its reliability, the user should not use the Service or Site. In all other cases, if despite these doubts or reservations, the user continues to use the services and / or website, the responsibility for this decision is wholly with all the consequences and NiidBG will not accept any liability for damages suffered by the user .
    • 23. NeedBG reserves the right to seek, using all legitimate means, protection and compensation for committed or alleged violations of the GTC and the Privacy Policy as posted on the website and are an integral part of these GTC, including but not limited to the right to block access from a particular IP address, the services and their functions. NiidBG reserves the right to assume the defense and control of any matter relating to compensation and the compensation of the user's actions, this does not exclude responsibility and shall not relieve the user from the obligation to pay compensation for damages.
    • 24. NeedBG reserves the right to seek, using all legitimate means, protection and compensation for committed or alleged violations of the GTC and the Privacy Policy as posted on the website and are an integral part of these GTC, including but not limited to the right to block access from a particular IP address, the services and their functions. NiidBG reserves the right to assume the defense and control of any matter relating to compensation and the compensation of the user's actions, this does not exclude responsibility and shall not relieve the user from the obligation to pay compensation for damages.
  • Intellectual Property
    • 25. This website contains copyrighted material and texts, images, signs, logos, graphics, logos, trademarks, databases and software that are owned or licensed by NiidBG and are protected by the Bulgarian, European and other applicable laws and conventions on copyright, and other related intellectual property rights. Reproduction of any part of the Website or any aspect thereof, the subject of intellectual property can be made only with the written consent of NeedBG and / or its predecessors. Using the website's services and not giving users any rights to intellectual property in general nor on any part of them.
    • 26. NeedBG no obligation to monitor the presence or absence of copyright and other intellectual property rights over the content of websites accessed from the website via hyperlinks and links. All liability in respect of intellectual property rights on the content posted by users on the website or the content on external sources to which reference website lies with those published or disseminated the content on the website. In these cases, NeedBG reserves the right to take action that is appropriate and relevant for the protection of certain intellectual property rights in the content and resources available on the website.
  • Amendment of TU
    • 27. These TU may be amended from NeedBG at any time by notification to customers will be made in the manner specified free NeedBG. User acknowledges and agrees that any supplement or amendment of this TU will take effect from the date specified in the latest updated version of the TU.
  • Applicable law
    • 28. For matters not covered by these TU, the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation. Disputes relating to the use of the website and provided it services and resources that can not be resolved by negotiation, by mutual agreement, will be referred by the competent Bulgarian court.

Effective 01.01.2014г.
Thank you for reading the General Terms of Use of the website.

These TU are protected by copyright and no part of them may be copied or reproduced without the express consent of the author lawyer Jenny Gancheva

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