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Import and trade in dental technics. Service and spare parts. Repair of turbines and handpieces. Turbines and handpieces for rent. Demonstrative handpieces and contraangles with warranty.
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Dear customers, Tehnodenta will take part in the dental exhibition Medical - Dental - Galenia 2015, which will be held during the Plovdiv Fair 22, 23 and 24.10.2015. We inform you that from 21.10 after 14h. up to 23.10, the store on 136, Hristo Botev blvd. will not operate.


Dear customers, the Tehnodenta Ltd company works with clients across the country. When ordering goods over the phone or through e-shop delivery over 80,00 leva is at the expense of the company. We perform repair of all brands and models of turbines and handpieces. Courier shipments from and to clients are carried out by Speedy. Contact us at: 02 441 47 35 or 0885 82 53 15

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