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Complete Internet advertisement. Web design, web development, domain name registrations and support, hosting services.
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NEED BG Ltd works in the sphere of Internet services by supporting the Bulgarian Internet Business Catalogue The catalogue presents the activity of companies and organizations workingin Bulgaria and abroad and ensures the possibility for direct contact between them and the Internet users.

Nowadays, Internet is an integral part of people's everyday life, no matter if it comes to a big company, a small firm or a private person. Internet is already not only an amusement, but a way to get information, to get in touch with people, to search and most of all to find. Lately, specialists called Internet a "media" together with the radio, the television and the press. As the number of Internet users is constantly increasing, the advertisement via Internet is becoming one of the main possibilities to popularize companies, people or events.
Everyday great number of company and personal web sites appear in the Bulgarian space. Our job is to offer a full advertisement cycle, namely from creating the Web site to making it popular aiming wherever someone interested searches, that exact web site to find.

Shortly about us - our purpose is to supply our clients with the latest information about the companies present on our pages, by constant contact with them and ensuring the possibility for direct contact with the companies they look for. The catalogue has good positions in the International search engine Google, which has become a synonim of Internet search the last few years. In this search engine the searching is realized through keywords, just where is our power - from all the search results connected with different company activities (which sometimes are millions), usually appears at one of the first positions in the Bulgarian Internet space and even in the world net. This comes to show that the users will easily reach the information, published in the catalogue. As a result of this our catalogue enjoys the broad audience, mostly compound of people from the business circle.
We are glad to mention, that works with foreign companies, that search for Bulgarian partners. The English version of the site and the form for direct connection with the advertised companies in the catalogue are used very successfully.

The main purpose of the whole team of our company is the consumers of the catalogue to reach reliable information quickly.

Need BG Ltd. entirely works in a favor of its clients, aiming to give quality services and competent support. If we can cooperate and make it easy for you or simply answer your questions, please call us between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm EET at +359 888 257170 or e-mail

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